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35% of India’s tiger ranges are outside protected areas

thirty five percentage of tiger of india Ranges are outside protected areas and human-animal conflict affects more 75 percent According to the world’s wild cat species, a WWF-UNEP report. Report “A future for all – a necessity for human-wildlife coexistence”, investigated escalating human-wildlife warfare, and found that marine and terrestrial protected areas covered only 9.67 percent globally.

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Most of these protected areas are isolated from each other, with many species relying on human-dominated areas for their survival and shared landscapes. Protected areas perform more and more essential functions for the survival of major species of giant predators and herbivores alike. The report said that apart from India’s tigers, 40 per cent of African lions are isolated and 70 per cent of African and Asian elephants are outside protected areas.

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  • World Wide Fund for Nature, Headquarters: Gland, Switzerland;
  • UNEP Headquarters: Nairobi, Kenya.

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