As business returns, FMCG and ecom companies are planning to move forward

As business returns, FMCG and ecom companies are planning to move forward

Fast-moving consumer goods, retail, e-commerce and direct-to-consumer companies are among the top sectors with intent to rent in the October-December quarter, with metro and tier-1 cities booming post-pandemic. intends to return. A new report from TeamLease states that to hire at 56%.
The companies said they are increasingly working with major new businesses such as direct-to-consumer and tech-facing verticals in sales and consumer-tech functions that require top talent.

“The easing of Covid-19 restrictions has prompted businesses to resume pre-Covid levels of engagement. Buoyed by festive demand, there has been an increase in hiring numbers in the e-commerce and consumer goods sectors,” said Rituparna Chakraborty, Co-Founder, TeamLease Services.

Executives said consumer-facing companies are leading the demand for employees with a digital orientation as well as meeting diversity goals.
Nestle President Suresh Narayanan said that at the company’s new factory in Sanand, more than 60% of the factory workers will be women. “This will probably be one of the largest components of women employed in this kind of manufacturing in the Nestlé world.” Narayanan said Nestle had also inducted a thousand apprentices through its nestership program last year and is on track to induct another thousand this year.

In response to the increase in demand, e-commerce platforms Flipkart and Amazon are leading the way in recruiting seasonal employees. While Flipkart said it was creating direct seasonal jobs for over 1.15 lakh people compared to 70,000 affected by the pandemic last year, Amazon intends to create over one lakh seasonal jobs, a 50% increase in 2020. is growth.

“Hiring is increasing in all these areas; Consumer, retail, e-commerce,” said Ashutosh Khanna, senior customer partner at executive search firm Korn Ferry International. “Many of these sectors have faced exodus from companies in the new economy, and some degree of inorganic churn with organizations reinterpreting similar roles,” he said.

Hiring firms said new fast emerging FMCG retail models such as direct-to-consumer and social commerce platforms are driving demand for consumer-facing tech talent. Major traditional FMCG companies such as HUL, Tata Consumer, Marico, Cavincare and Orion have expanded their D2C channels in recent months.

“Consumer buying behavior has changed so the way consumers are reached needs to change as well, and employers are looking at different sets of experiences and skills – digitally ready or with digital adaptability,” Khanna said.

According to TeamLease, employment is estimated at 406.2 million in September 2021, which is lower than the pre-Covid employment numbers. Chakraborty said, “With the projected intent to hire at 41% (a 3% increase from the previous quarter), and if the trend seen in the month of September continues, the workforce will reach 430 million by the end of December. likely to increase,” Chakraborty said. . She said that if the industry can sustain the current growth, the hiring will exceed the pre-Covid levels of employment.

Suntec Business Solutions, a pricing and billing company that operates closely within the retail sector and has 650 employees globally, with 89 percent based outside India, has launched a recruitment drive to hire more than 200 employees in India. coming along.




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