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China unveils maglev train that can run at a speed of 600 kmph

China Unveiled maglev train capable of a top speed of 600 km/h The maximum speed will make the train a self-developed by China and built in the coastal city of Qingdao, the fastest ground vehicle globally. using the electromagnetic force, The maglev train “leverages” above the track without any contact between the body and the rail. China has been using the technology on a very limited scale for almost two decades.

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About train:

  • Shanghai has a short maglev line that runs from one of its airports to the city.
  • On 600 kmph, it will only take 2.5 hours To travel from Beijing to Shanghai by train – Traveling Over 1,000 km.
  • Launched in October 2016, the high-speed maglev train project saw the development of a magnetic-levitation train prototype with a designed top speed of 600 kmph in 2019 and a successful test run in June 2020.

Important facts for all competitive exams:

  • Capital of China: Beijing;
  • China Currency: Renminbi;
  • President of China: Xi Jinping.

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