D Pharma Course: 98 percent students fail in pharmacy exam, only 58 successful out of 3274 candidates

D Pharma Course: 98 percent students fail in pharmacy exam, only 58 successful out of 3274 candidates

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Only 58 students have passed subject-wise in the first year pharmacy examination conducted for D Pharma in the state. A total of 3274 candidates from 52 private pharmacy colleges of the state had appeared in this examination. While there are about 200 candidates who have failed in one or two subjects. He has been promoted. This examination was conducted by the D Pharma Examination Committee under the supervision of the Health Department. Earlier, more than 90 percent students had failed in the second year also. Let us tell you that 99 percent of pharmacy students used to be successful in the examinations held earlier. Giving relief to the failed students, the examination committee has decided that the supplementary examination will be conducted soon. Soon the date of filling the form will be decided. The form of the failed candidates in the second year has also been filled. Joint Secretary of Health Department Chandan Kumar told that students should continue studying for the examination. It is difficult to pass without studying.

Copy was checked by sending it to another state
Let us tell you that this time questions were prepared in four sets for the exam. The questions were prepared by the expert teachers of Pharma. The department had got the question printed from its own level. Question papers were delivered directly to the examination center itself. And after the examination, the answer book was sent to another state and got it checked. It is believed that due to this strictness, no rigging could happen and most of the students failed.

Complaints of rigging were coming in earlier examinations
Let us tell you that there were complaints of rigging in the previous examinations. Many times there were complaints of question paper being leaked. On the other hand, in most of the examinations held earlier, more than 99 percent students passed subject-wise. After continuous complaints, for the first time the examination is being conducted under departmental control. The examination was conducted twice under departmental control, in which only a handful of students passed subject-wise.

What is responsible?
Only those students who had studied have passed. Those who did not study have failed. Soon the supplementary examination will be organized for the students and they will be given a chance to pass.Chandan Kumar, Joint Secretary, Health Department

Vidyasagar, Principal of Swarnarekha Pharmacy College, said that copy correction has not been done correctly. Along with the students, I am also dissatisfied with the result. Will meet the chairman of the examination committee to get the copy rechecked. Till date there has not been such a bad result. Many students have got zero marks, this cannot happen.-,

Vinay Mahato, Principal of Tila Pharmacy College, Ramgarh, said that the examination has not been fair. The candidates have also been subjected to mental torture in the examination hall. The examination committee is deliberately troubling the private college. I can claim that 36 children of our college will definitely pass.


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