Electrical Daily Quiz 20th November 2021 – Technical Job

Electrical Daily Quiz 20th November 2021 – Technical Job

Electrical Daily Quiz 20th November 2021

1. Find the value of Vx ​in the circuit of the Figure.

A. 5.714 V

B. 3.147 V

C. 4.112 V

D. 8.714 V

Answer- A  Solution-Click Here

2. Determine i0 in the circuit in Fig.

A. 333.3 mA

B. 666.7 mA

C. 555.5 mA

D. 452.7 mA

Answer- B Solution-Click Here

3. Assuming that the switch in Fig. has been in position A at t =0, find v0

A. 7 V

B. 9.2V

C. 8V

D. 6.2V

Answer- C  Solution-Click Here

4. Calculate Io ​in the circuit of the Figure.

A. 3 A

B. 2 A

C. 4 A

D. 1 A

Answer- D  Solution-Click Here

5. Calculate the current i0 ​in the circuit of Fig.

A. 1 A

B. 0.1 A

C. 2 A

D. 0.2 A

Answer- B  Solution-Click Here

6. Calculate the equivalent resistance Rab at terminals a-b for the circuits in the Figure.

A. 12Ω

B. 10Ω

C. 16Ω

D. 18Ω

Answer- A  Solution-Click Here

7. Calculate the gain of the op amp circuit shown in

A. 5

B. 10

C. 20

D. 30

Answer- C  Solution-Click Here

8. Calculate the gain v0/vi when the switch in Fig. is in position 1

A. -1.2

B. -3.4

C. -5.3

D. -2.4

Answer- D  Solution-Click Here

9. Calculate the time constant of the circuit in Fig.

A. 0.2083μS

B. 2.083μS

C. 20.83μS

D. 208.3μS

Answer- A  Solution-Click Here

10. Calculate the voltage ratio v0/vS for the op amp circuit of Fig. Assume that the op amp is ideal.

A. 5

B. -5

C. 10

D. -10

Answer- B  Solution-Click Here

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