Employment Exchange: Now even after retirement to senior citizens

Employment Exchange: Now even after retirement to senior citizens

Employment Exchange: Now senior citizens will be able to find employment even after retirement. Actually, the government has released a web portal. Where senior citizens can find employment.

New Delhi. Employment Exchange. Generally, after 60 years of age or more, people take retirement and start resting at home. At the same time, there are some people who want to work for some reason at the age of retirement. Earlier, the options with these people who wanted to work were very limited, but now with one step of the government, many opportunities will be created for such people.

Government is launching a portal

Actually, the central government is going to launch a unique employment exchange. This employment exchange has been named SACRED (Senior Able Citizens for Re-employment in Dignity). SACRED will be launched as a web portal on 1st October. Apart from this, the government has also started a helpline for senior citizens. This will create many golden opportunities for senior citizens.

Ministry is not giving guarantee of employment

According to the information received, this web portal will be under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. Senior citizens will have to register themselves here. Here senior citizens will have to give information about their education, experience, skills and interests. However, the ministry also made it clear that it is not giving any guarantee of employment to anyone.

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Nationwide Toll Free Helpline 14567

The ministry said that this portal will act as a bridge between the employer and the user. It will be up to the employer and the companies to decide which person he hires on the basis of his qualifications. Along with this, in view of the convenience of senior citizens, a nationwide toll free helpline 14567 has been started, which has been named Elder Line. Senior citizens are provided with pensions, legal aid, emotional support and abuse prevention support as well as additional homelessness.

Majority of the population senior citizens

It is worth noting that due to the increase in the average life expectancy i.e. the age of living, the number of senior citizens in the country is increasing significantly, in such a situation such an exchange can prove to be very effective. According to an estimate, the number of senior citizens has increased to 10.4 crore in the year 2011 as compared to 76 million in 2001. The proportion of senior citizens in the country is projected to increase to 20 per cent by the year 2050.




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