Experts say hybrid work model will remain in place with fine changes in 2022

Experts say hybrid work model will remain in place with fine changes in 2022

Industry experts have said that with companies bringing in digital transformation and innovation to ensure continuity of work amid COVID-19, a successful hybrid work environment will find its relevance in 2022, even in the wake of the pandemic. Concerns have also been eased.
Hybrid model means that employees work partly on site or in office and partly work remotely based on work requirement and productivity.

Some industries are thriving on the hybrid model amid the challenges of the pandemic and companies are expected to tweak the model next year to make the most of it, feel experts.

According to a survey by NASSCOM and job portal Indiad, around 70 per cent of IT companies are trying to make the hybrid model work effectively. The survey found that 66 percent of respondents reported high employee satisfaction working remotely.
“For me, the hybrid model is here to stay in 2022, but it is going to be sector-specific. Many companies in the IT and allied industries will continue to operate in the hybrid model and grow at a faster pace as they move towards hybrid set-ups. have adapted quickly,” Yugandhar Penubolu, founder and CEO of talent and performance development solutions provider WinZard, told PTI.

He noted that although some sectors will rapidly exit the hybrid model, it is noteworthy that HR management within organizations leading to rapid digital transformation has recently become increasingly important.

Penubolu said this change and forced innovations in business and operations-related processes have paved the way for a successful hybrid work environment.

Prachi Mishra, Director – Human Resources, Equirus also said that the hybrid working model has already established its momentum in the industry.

“While many have adopted it, others are in the waiting and monitoring phase as implementation will be important as a success factor. This certainly inculcates a culture of workforce flexibility, though it depends on factors such as the business model, market demand and the degree of autonomy to the employees to design work patterns,” said Mishra.

Unison International founder Udit Mittal said that the hybrid model is here to stay as the 2022 model will see a change in the future where companies will open smaller remote offices in smaller cities or lay off further employees.

The reason behind this is that companies have seen higher productivity, savings on rentals, transportation, Mittal said. On the other hand, employees have got the opportunity to go back to their homes and spend more time with their families and have reduced the cost of many homes.

Also, the environment of small places is much better than the toxic environment of big metropolis. Mittal said that this is the future of working with improving internet connectivity.

Alok Bansal, MD and Country Head, Visionet India, said that in 2022, companies will introduce hybrid models with a twist designed for each employee or set of employees doing the same job.

“WFH will also help companies cut costs as office space lease expense is a major item in the P&L account, which will see lower numbers,” Bansal said.



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