GreyOrange is set to recruit 300 in India

GreyOrange is set to recruit 300 in India

US-headquartered GreyOrange is looking to hire around 300 employees for its India operations next year, as it continues to invest in software talent in the country.
The company, which is looking to double its growth this fiscal, currently has around 800 employees globally, of whom over 600 are based in India.

“Our strong business growth is one of the key factors in hiring talent across various verticals, be it product and engineering, or customer success. We are now expanding into different markets, creating new locations in-road and going where there is talent,” said Ramya Sampat Sharma, Chief People Officer, GreyOrange.

The firm is looking for executives at all levels, senior leadership roles, lateral hires with diverse experience as well as college hiring. It will be scouting for Engineers, Analysts, Project Engineers, Sales Directors, Marketing, Product Managers, Treasury, FP&A, roles in support functions, etc.
“We are focused on building an employee-centric culture, and are in the process of launching a series of initiatives focused on employee engagement, diversity and inclusion and flexibility,” Sharma said.

GreyOrange partners with companies globally to drive business solutions that support scale and growth.


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