Happy Republic Day Wishes, Quotes: Wish by sending these best photo messages on Republic Day

Happy Republic Day Wishes, Quotes: Wish by sending these best photo messages on Republic Day

Happy Republic Day Wishes , Quotes 2023: Tomorrow on January 26, Republic Day will be celebrated with enthusiasm across the country. A glimpse of unity, integrity and military strength in the country’s cultural diversity will be visible on the Rajpath of the national capital Delhi. Thousands of Indians turn up to witness the celebrations of the birth of the Republic. Millions of people watch it on TV. This parade not only showcases the military might of the nation but also showcases the diversity of the country which is a symbol of our heritage. Programs are organized in various schools, colleges and government offices on the occasion of Republic Day. Apart from flag hoisting, essay writing and elocution competitions are also held in many schools. Apart from this, the countrymen are also full of pride. People steeped in patriotism send each other Republic Day greetings. Here below are some such photos, messages, quotes and slogans that you can send to your near and dear ones on this important national festival.

We will always remember you heroes, this sacrifice is yours, we have this republic dear to our lives.
– Heroes have shed their blood for this day, countrymen, wake up, Republic Day has come again.

Some intoxication is of the pride of the tricolor
Some intoxication is of the pride of the motherland
We will hoist this tricolor everywhere
This intoxication is of the pride of India.
happy republic day 2023

Give a great speech on 26 January Republic Day

Come bow down and salute them
in whose part this destination comes
Lucky is that blood,
Which is useful for the country.
happy republic day

Keep telling this much to the winds,
there will be light, keep the lights on
Whom we protected by giving blood,
Keep that tricolor in your eyes.
Happy Republic Day to you and your family.

India is in every heart,
have respect for the nation
We are the sons of Mother India.
We all are proud of this soil.
Happy republic day

If you want to swim, swim in the sea
What is kept in the river drains.
If you want to love, do it with the country,
What is there in unfaithful people.
Happy 74th Republic Day

Do not live in the name of religion,
Don’t die in the name of religion
Humanity is the religion of the country,
Just live in the name of the country.
Happy Republic Day.

Neither the government is mine
Neither the robe is mine,
Nor is my name big.
i just need a little
proud of the matter,
i am from india
And India is mine.


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