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IIT-Madras develops AI algorithm named ‘NBDriver’

Indian Institute of Technology Madras Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence-based mathematical model called . is called ‘nbdriver’ To identify cancer-causing changes in cells. The algorithm uses the relatively unexplored technique of leveraging DNA structure to pinpoint genetic changes responsible for cancer progression, which are difficult using current methods. Understanding the mechanisms underlying these changes will help identify the most appropriate treatment strategy for the patient, which is known as ‘Exact Oncology’.

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About cancer:

  • Cancer is mainly caused by the uncontrolled growth of cells driven by genetic changes.
  • In recent years, high-throughput DNA sequencing has revolutionized the field of cancer research by enabling the measurement of these changes.
  • However, due to the complexity and size of these sequencing datasets, it is extremely difficult to pinpoint exact changes from the genomes of cancer patients.

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