India registers 29% growth in employment in nine sectors in June

India registers 29% growth in employment in nine sectors in June

The quarterly employment survey by the Ministry of Labor shows that India has registered a 29% growth in employment in nine sectors with 30.8 million collective employment in the April-June quarter of 2021. The Economic Census 2013-14, which pegged India’s workforce in these sectors at 23.7 million, has been used as the basis for the survey.
Furthermore, the share of women in the total workforce has declined marginally to 29% in the last eight years, from 31% during the Sixth Economic Census, while employment in sectors such as business and restaurants declined due to the second wave of the pandemic. Viewed. The ministry said while releasing the first updated quarterly employment survey by the Labor Bureau on Monday.

The quarter-on-quarter survey results will provide a relative change in the employment situation in the above segment of the Indian economy in successive quarters, as we move forward, it said.

“Quarterly employment survey data will help us in formulating better employment policies for the organized non-farm sector of the economy. Besides, strong data will help the government to formulate a sound national policy on employment,” said Bhupedar Yadav, Minister of Labor and Employment in the report.
In addition, the Labor Bureau will supplement this data set with the Area Framework Establishment Survey which will provide employment generation in the non-farm unorganized sector as it will cover establishments with less than 10 workers. The government plans to merge the two data sets by the fourth quarter of the current year to get a holistic picture of India’s employed people in both the organized and unorganized sectors.

These nine selected sectors include manufacturing, construction, trade, transport, education, health, housing and restaurants, IT/BPO and financial services, which are expected to account for 85% of the country’s workforce.

The Labor Bureau last conducted the seventh QES for the July-September quarter of 2017 and made it public in April 2018, showing that only 136,000 jobs were created in eight sectors. Subsequently, it had put on hold the work of the eighth QES for October-December 2017 due to a huge gap in the job creation data and payroll data under this survey.

While the IT/BPO sector witnessed a growth of 152% during this period, the health sector registered a growth of 77%, followed by education (39%), manufacturing (22%), transportation (68%) and construction (42%). . Financial services registered a 48% increase in employment.

“However, employment in business decreased by 25% and in housing and restaurants the decline was 13%,” it said.

As per the report, of the estimated total employment in the nine selected sectors, manufacturing contributes about 41%, followed by education at 22%, health at 8%. Trade and IT/BPO each employed 7% of the total estimated number of workers, the ministry said on Monday after the launch of the Labor Bureau’s survey.

Nearly 90% of establishments are estimated to be working with less than 100 workers as compared to 95% during Economic Census 2013-14, suggesting an increase in the size and employment of establishments.

The survey further shows that in the nine selected sectors regular workers constitute 88% of the estimated workforce while casual workers constitute 2%.




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