Meta Renews Commitment to SMBs, Launches “Grow Your Business”

Meta Renews Commitment to SMBs, Launches “Grow Your Business”

Facebook’s recently rebranded parent company Meta on Tuesday said it has launched its inaugural edition of ‘Grow Your Business Summit’, an event focused on the growth agenda of the country’s small and medium businesses, for small businesses in India. Commitment strengthened. (SMB).

The summit saw emerging and small businesses from diverse verticals, and from across the country, including small towns and rural India, join the event and share their stories about how they have embraced digital technologies and Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Change your business by using

META also announced the launch of “Grow Your Business Hub”, a one-stop platform for micro, small and medium businesses to find relevant information, tools and resources to meet their business goals based on their growth stage. is the stop destination.

“Small businesses are the engines of growth of India’s economy, and the role of Meta is more important than ever in unlocking growth opportunities for them as many of them go online and use digital to grow. Curated and From customized business skilling programs to launching initiatives that enable working capital for small businesses, we are building on the growth of India’s SMBs with a local, India-first approach,” said Sandeep Bhushan, Director and Head, Global Marketing Solutions said. Facebook India.

One way Meta benefits from more SMBs joining its platform is by building a healthier ecosystem and consumer engagement. “The other thing is that some of these businesses do advertising, and that is our revenue. So on both sides, it creates consumer engagement and its revenue for us,” Bhushan said.

Some of the small businesses showcased at the event are the skincare product brand Juicy Chemistry from Coimbatore, Two Brothers Organic Farms in Bhodani, Maharashtra, and Phool from Kanpur, which makes products like incense sticks from flower temple waste.

Globally, more than 300 million active users have liked or are following an active small business page on Facebook in India, the firm said at the event launch. In the past three months, people in India have created more than 1.2 million posts and comments on Instagram to show their support for small businesses and local shopping.

Some of the most popular hashtags related to small and local businesses in India are #fashion, #vocalforlocal, and #onlineshopping.

In the last 90 days, #smallbusiness has been mentioned over 1.4 million times on Instagram, while #smallbusinessindia has been mentioned over half a million times and #vocalforlocal over 400,000 times respectively.

More than half a million Indian small businesses on Instagram are listing WhatsApp, phone numbers, or emails in their bios, or encouraging potential customers to contact them via direct messages, allowing them to communicate directly with their customers. Getting connected is helping.

More than 45,000 small businesses in India are using Instagram to reach international customers by announcing worldwide shipping in their bios. This reflects the emerging trend of small businesses being able to expand their business outside India.

Social commerce businesses like Meesho and others also help small businesses reach a wider audience through Facebook and its apps.

Bhushan said SMBs are free to decide how and which meta platform they want to use and how they want to do it. For example, last year, Maruti said its dealers, most of whom are small businesses, used hyperlocal ads for lead generation during the pandemic.

434 million people access Facebook every month in India. Of these, 265 million people access Facebook daily. More than 200 million businesses, mostly small businesses, use Meta’s tools to connect with customers.

Of the 200 million, a significant portion of these are in India. The WhatsApp for Business app has over 15 million users located in India. Globally, the company has over 10 million active advertisers across its services.

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