Most promising career opportunities other than engineering and medical – World Affairs SRS

Most promising career opportunities other than engineering and medical

– World Affairs SRS

Most promising career opportunities after 12th class in 2022 other than engineering and medical

Career Fields other than Engineering and Medical – PC: My Result Plus

The wind is blowing in 2022, and hence people have resolutions to enhance themselves on the career front. It is also a pivotal year for class 12th students who are ready to progress towards their desired career fields.

However, in the present era, students often get confused in deciding such professional courses which will suit their desired career field and take them on the right path. The most prominent reason behind this is that many career fields have come up which are very much on the plate of a student and they are unable to decide what to choose first, that too without the detailed knowledge of any of them. Additionally, students often fall prey to coercive parents who constantly push their child into the pit of their preferred career option. It serves as a major impediment in the student’s ability to explore various career opportunities and then take appropriate decisions.
Fortunately, the present era has a lot in store for today’s students who aim to break away from the cliché streams like engineering and medical science and look forward to a bright and profitable career in other fields.
To accomplish the same and to pave the way for the students to choose their preferred field, we have compiled a list of some of the new career options that include lucrative job offers keeping the interest of the students in mind. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Journalism and Mass Communication: If you are a language lover, have a passion for writing and aspire to create a revolution in the world through your linguistic skills, as well as earn through the same, then the field of Journalism and Mass Communication is for you. Wings are the gateway to open and receive. Soaring high in the sky. Recently, courses like Journalism and Mass Communication have seen an increase in the number of admissions, which will surely increase in future as well. When other industries came to a halt during the COVID-19 pandemic, the fields of journalism and mass communication continued to operate from the ground up and knew no bounds. Additionally, there are many job profiles that include journalism and mass communication, some of which are:

  • TV correspondent
  • reporter
  • radio jockeys
  • News editor
  • audio editor
  • video editor
  • photojournalist
  • film director
  • Public Relations Officer
  • art director
  • the creator
  • screenwriter/script-writer

2. hotel Management: Loved by the lavish hotel-like lifestyle and people talking and calling? Well, hotel management will serve the needy for you right after you get out of class 12th. Hotel management has various roles and responsibilities which are Front Office Operations, Accounting, Sales & Marketing and Food & Beverage Services. If you crave to travel often, this career field can be a boon for you, as other fields that involve frequent travel will open doors for you as well, including airline catering and cabin services, cruise ship hotels Management, includes hospitality services in the Indian Navy. Hotel and Tourism Association and much more.
3. Content Writing: Again a plus point for language lovers who are not planning to venture into journalism and mass communication. This career option is best suited for all those quill-bearers who want to work from the comfort of their home during these tough times. Working under this job profile does not require any special educational degree but only requires great writing skills and includes writing for college websites, e-commerce websites, blogs and social networks etc. . Also provides a place to earn a quick money by just running your fingers on the keyboard.
4. Fashion Designing: If you are a novice with traces of creativity, urgency for craft work, research skills, imagination of concepts and proficiency in understanding information, then fashion designing can help you mold yourself as a professional person. Which has the abundance of the above traits and a handsome salary package. as well. This is one career field that has seen tremendous enrollment over the years and the craze is still going on. While there are many technical intricacies and skills involved in fashion designing, a person’s inherent creative traits will also help them grow and thrive in this field. Following are the jobs for the budding people in the world of fashion designing:

  • fashion consultant
  • textile designer
  • style editor
  • fashion illustrator
  • quality analyst
  • retail manager
  • trend forecaster



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