North Korea tests hypersonic missile “Hwasong-8”

North Korea tests hypersonic missile “Hwasong-8”

North Korea A new hypersonic missile named successfully test-fired Hwaseong-8, In a bid to enhance the nation’s capabilities for self-defense. The missile was one of the five most important new weapon systems set by North Korea in its five-year military development plan. This was the country’s third missile test in a month. Earlier it tested a new type of cruise missile, as well as a new train-launched ballistic missile system.

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About missiles:

Hypersonic missiles fly at a lower altitude than ballistic weapon systems and can achieve speeds of more than five times the speed of sound, limiting the interception capabilities of adversaries.

Important facts for all competitive exams:

  • North Korea Capital: Pyongyang;
  • Supreme Leader of North Korea: Kim Jong Un;
  • North Korea Currency: North Korea won.

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North Korea tests fire hypersonic missile "hwasong-8"_60.1


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