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Pegasus controversy: Shah said on the allegation of espionage, ‘Aap chronology society’

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday slammed the opposition Congress and international organizations for suggesting that the government was involved in monitoring the phones of politicians, journalists and others, saying it was “by obstructors to blockades”. There was report” who want to derail India. development path with their conspiracies.

In a stern statement, he questioned the timing of “selective leaks” on the eve of the monsoon session and said they have been sped up by some people whose sole aim is to do whatever is possible to humiliate India on the world stage. is.

“Time for selective leaks, you disrupt the chronology,” he said, referring to the stalling of opposition parties’ proceedings in Parliament on Monday. They said.

“This is a report for blockers by disruptors. Disruptors are global organizations that do not like India to progress.

“The obstacles are political players in India who do not want India to progress. The people of India are very good at understanding this chronology and relationship,” he said.

The home minister said he wanted to reassure the people of India that the Modi government’s priority was a clear ‘national welfare’ – and it would continue to work to achieve it no matter what.

Opposition parties on Monday criticized the government for alleged phone tapping of prominent figures in the country using Israeli Pegasus spyware and demanded an independent judicial or parliamentary committee probe.

More than 300 verified mobile phone numbers in India, including two serving ministers, more than 40 journalists, three opposition leaders and a sitting judge, could be targeted for hacking through Israeli spyware, an international media association reported on Sunday. Sold only to government agencies.

The government, however, dismissed the allegations of any surveillance on its part on specific people, saying “there is no solid basis or truth attached to it”.

Shah said that those who intend to derail India’s progress are telling the same old things about the country.

“To see Congress without the helm, it’s not unexpected to jump on this bandwagon.

“They have good experience of crushing democracy and their own house is not well, they are now trying to derail any progressive thing that comes in Parliament,” he said.

The Home Minister said that the facts and sequence of events are for the entire country to see and the obstructors and detractors will not be able to derail India’s development path through their conspiracies.

He said, “People have often associated this phrase with me lightly, but today I want to say seriously – time for selective leaks, you chronological disruption!”

Shah said that the monsoon session of Parliament began on Monday and in what seemed like a perfect sign, a report came out late last evening and it has been extended by some sections with only one purpose – to humiliate India in the world. To do whatever is possible to do. The platform, to fuel the same old narratives about the nation and derail India’s growth path.

The Home Minister said that the people of India have high hopes from the current monsoon session as important bills for the welfare of farmers, youth, women and backward sections of the society are ready for debate and discussion.

He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi said no less than anyone that the government is ready for discussion on all subjects.

Shah said that just a few days ago the Council of Ministers was expanded with special emphasis on women, SC, ST and OBC members.

“But there are forces which are unable to digest it. They also want to derail national progress. The question arises – to whose tune are these people dancing, who want to show India in a bad light? What’s the fun of times? Show India in a bad light?” He asked.

The home minister said that when the prime minister got up to present his council of ministers in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, which is a well-established norm, the Congress-led opposition was in the middle of both the houses.

“Is it their respect for parliamentary norms? The same behavior continued when the IT minister was speaking on the issue,” he said.

Opposition parties created a ruckus in both the Houses of Parliament over the issue of alleged phone tapping on the first day of the monsoon session, leading to repeated adjournments.

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