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Post-Covid Employment Scene: Hot, Upcoming Jobs

2021-07-21 12:25:53

A latest comprehensive survey of India’s employment scenario has been released by Services, one of the leading HR companies in the country. “Jobs and Salary Primer 2021” captures the post-Covid jobs trend in India, highlighting aspects such as how the pandemic has changed the employment landscape, hot opportunities to come, jobs that are currently all the rage and jobs that stare at pay stagnation.

The survey highlights how the great need for innovation has created many ‘hot’ job opportunities. Of the 17 sectors, five created new hot jobs and seven saw a flurry of newcomers, the survey said.

Artificial Intelligence Specialist – (BPO & IT Enabled Services), Augmented Reality Expert – (Ecommerce & Tech Start-ups), Genomic Portfolio Director – (Healthcare & Allied Industries), Master Age Computing – (Information) in the ‘Hot Hot Jobs’ category Are included. Technology & Knowledge Services) and Digital Imaging Leader – (Retail).

Broadly, the top job profiles shown by the survey are: Analyst – Liquidity Risk Controller (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance), Finance/Budget Manager (BPO & IT Enabled Services), IT Application Executive (Educational Services), IT Services Manager (healthcare and allied industries), and network engineers (information technology and knowledge services).

The fastest-growing of the job profiles fueled by the pandemic are: Network Engineer (Information Technology and Knowledge Services – Salary Increase 10.89%), Asset Sales Executive (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance – 8.20%), Sourcing Manager (BPO) and IT Enabled Services – 7.36%), Sales Officers (Telecom – 6.00%), and Business Operations Analysts (Automobiles & Allied – 4.67%).

expertise pays
Jobs which require high level of expertise are increasing in stature in the times of COVID. The survey found that these jobs “are offering salary increases of about 11% or more, compared to the broad market average of 1.73% (minimum) and 14.07% (minimum) and 14.07% (maximum).” .

The sectors which saw a wage growth of over 10% are banking, financial services and insurance, healthcare and allied industries and information technology and knowledge services.

Among these sectors, the highest average salary increase is seen in the case of Banking Trainer, a super-specialized job profile, which stands at 11.32%. The other two notable ones are Compliance Officers (Construction and Real Estate: 11.10%) and Software Test Specialists (IT and Knowledge Services – 10.58%).

all the rage
With the advent of work from home profound changes in the nature of business, sales and IT functions have become all the rage, the survey notes. The sales situation is increasing rapidly in the business environment accommodating post-lockdown dynamics.

In sales, current ‘rage’ jobs include Brand Center Executive, Merchant Relations Executive, CRM and Sales Administrator, and Influencer Marketer. In IT, the roles of SQL Analyst, UI Designer, Software Test Specialist and IT Infrastructure Engineer have grown by leaps and bounds post-Covid, the survey observed.

Good time for pay parity
In pre-Covid times, the gap between the salaries of permanent and temporary employees used to be a significant one. The survey found that this gap has now narrowed to less than 5% for a large number of jobs across the sector.

The survey noted that automobile and allied industries, and BPO and IT enabled services are the sectors where the wage gap is “significantly less than 5%”. Other notable examples include agriculture and agrochemicals, construction and real estate, FMCD, FMCG, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, hospitality, industrial manufacturing and allied, media and entertainment, power and energy, retail and telecommunications.

Payers: Best and Worst
Sectors that saw more than 10% wage growth during the COVID year have been ranked as the best payers by TeamLease survey. These include: banking, financial services and insurance, healthcare and allied industries and information technology and knowledge services.

On the other hand, the lower salaried include agriculture and agrochemicals, automobiles and allied, BPO and IT enabled services, construction and real estate, ecommerce and tech start-ups, educational services, fast moving consumer durables, fast moving consumer goods, hospitality services, etc. , Industrial Manufacturing & Allied, Media & Entertainment, Power & Energy, Retail, Telecommunications.

pandemic proof jobs
One of the most notable findings of the survey pertains to jobs that turned out to be Covid-proof. Despite the devastation on businesses from the second wave, demand for many job categories remained, and is likely to remain stable.

In this category Market Development Officer – Agro & Agro Chemicals, Finance Consultant – BFSI and Team Manager – BPO & IT Enabled Services, top that order.

WFH overview
The survey also highlighted which jobs are likely to benefit from business continuity as they adapt to the new range of requirements related to work from home.

The sectors that are likely to benefit from business continuity include banking, financial services and insurance, BPO and ITeS, e-commerce and tech startups, educational services, information technology and knowledge services, the survey said.

On the other hand, sectors where WFH has roles but is unlikely to benefit include agriculture and agrochemicals, automobile and allied industries, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, FMCD, FMCG, retail, media and entertainment, etc.


Five-Year Salary Trends (Source: TeamLease Survey)



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