Rajasthan Reet 2021: Elder brother of LDC arrested for appearing in reet exam instead of younger brother

Rajasthan Reet 2021: Elder brother of LDC arrested for appearing in reet exam instead of younger brother

REET Exam 2021: A Munna Bhai was caught in the REET recruitment examination in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan on Sunday, who was appearing for the examination in place of his own younger brother. The police caught and arrested him while taking the examination by putting a photo of himself on the brother’s Aadhar card. The accused Manohar Bishnoi works as a clerk in the education department and is working in Bagsing, Shivganj in Sirojhi district.

In fact, he put his job at stake to get his younger brother Vikas Bishnoi also to get a government job. Manohar took the examination at SBK College, Jaisalmer by putting his photograph on the Aadhaar card of his younger brother Vikas Vishnoi. He was caught while giving the second innings exam.

In-charge of Jaisalmer’s DST team, Bastaram got information that fake candidates are also appearing in the district. On information, the DST team reached SBK College and investigated Manohar Bishnoi, who was appearing in the examination in the name of Vikas Bishnoi. In the investigation, when a gap was seen in his Aadhar card, his finger print was taken by calling the friends of the friends. But after not matching, on the basis of Jan Aadhaar of the family, after finding out the Aadhaar card number of Manohar, his finger was again taken. Manohar’s finger was opened in the name of Manohar and Manohar was caught.

Manohar, himself a government babu, stakes his own job to make his younger brother Vikas a teacher. But he could not escape from the vicious eyes of the police and was caught. Manohar Bishnoi son Dhannaram is a resident of Siago’s Basti district Jodhpur. His younger brother had done BSTC and instead Manohar took the exam on Sunday and solved about 70 questions. At present, Manohar is in the custody of the police.



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