Telecom Sector may see job openings doubling to 38k in FY23 as 5G Looms

Telecom Sector may see job openings doubling to 38k in FY23 as 5G Looms

Job openings in the telecom sector are expected to double in the ongoing fiscal year to 38,000 as the Covid-19 pandemic loses potency and as operators prepare for 5G service rollouts.

Human resource executives and recruitment firms also said the higher demand for people with technical skills will also result in the industry facing attrition issues as it competes with the IT sector to hire and retain professionals with similar skill sets.

The forecast growth in the number of jobs from 19,000 in FY22 is expected to come from a need for skilled professionals in the field of network engineering, network operations, data analytics, and automation, experts said.

The current scale and pace in the telecom industry is driven by “the rapid evolution of new technologies like AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, advanced data analytics and Edge computing,” said Deval Singh, business head – telecom, IT& ITeS, media and government, . This has led to a shift in skill requirements in the sector with a demand for candidates who are equipped with new-age skills.

The hiring growth will likely come after a couple of shaky years of increased financial stress and a challenging pandemic scenario.


“Telecom sector witnessed average growth (in hiring) of 13% in FY20 whereas a dip of 1% was marked in FY21 followed by a huge jump of 29% in FY22,” said Sekhar Garisa, chief executive of

The growth surge will come from new-age skill-based profiles, demand for which has been boosted with the anticipated rollout of 5G.

“Roles with skill sets in AI/ML, Cloud, data compliance, IoT and cybersecurity will see aggressive hiring,” Garisa said.



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