Think Exam: New Generation Online Assessment Platform to Save Organization’s Time and Money

Think Exam: New Generation Online Assessment Platform to Save Organization’s Time and Money

Going through numerous resumes, scheduling interviews and the long screening process is the monotonous job of the hiring managers. Their eyes are dried out by going through various resumes every day, so as to fill the hiring funnel and execution of the project. Recruitment is not an easy task, new Age technology is playing a significant role in the best candidate for a particular job role. Utilizing online assessment software for recruitment is a prominent way for eliminating the hiring and training costs.

  • 83% of the candidates are recruited remotely
  • 72% of the are relying on AI as a business strategy
  • 49% refuse to join due to bad hiring experience.

Also for additional screening, you can evaluate based on the candidate’s performance. This solution is unbiased and makes the complete process systematic. Every business is unique and everyone wants to build a positive work environment in the workforce which is why they look forward to finding the right candidate by filtering the candidates based on their knowledge and behavior. A bad hire can ruin the environment of the company and affect the retention of the workforce in the company. However, finding an employee is not one size fits all, you are required to design the assessment according to the job role.
Hence, the online assessment solution is customizable and you can use it whenever you need it.

‘Delivering the right strategy is about hiring the right people and motivating them to deliver the right results.’

Benefits of choosing the Suitable Online Assessment Platform

online assessment solution is designed to help HR professionals in evaluating an applicant’s potential and assess the applicant’s cognitive, aptitude, and knowledge skills to know whether the candidate is suitable for the job or not. Here are the few benefits of the online assessment software which are as follows:-

  • Fasten the hiring process: Online assessment software ensures you provide a large pool of applicants. Also, it decreases the time taken in assessing the candidate. In addition, it automates the entire process and candidates can attend the interview remotely.
  • Exceptional Quality Hiring: Online assessment tool offers an accurate evaluation of the candidates. This eminent technology permits you to run a wide range of tests for a specific job role.
  • Enhance Scalability: Online assessment software can scale up your hiring process. In the traditional hiring process, there is always a constraint to interviewing a certain number of candidates in a day. Whereas online assessment software can help you to interview a large pool of candidates.
  • Eliminates employee turnover: The reason behind the increased employee turnover rate is misshire. Online assessment tool plays an instrumental role in solving this problem. It assists the recruiter to hire the finest candidate.
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How does the Assessment Platform promise Better Days for Organizations?

The digital shift in the hiring process is diversifying the process of hiring candidates. Hence, organizations are looking for the finest talent to revamp the business model. Major corporate giants are dependent on the online assessment solution and making innovative use of it. This technology is leveraging HR professionals to shortlist applicants accurately and screen resumes fairly.
52% of the HR professionals face problems in screening resumes and end up caught in the glorious lies of the candidate.

Also, determining the right candidate is the hardest part. Therefore, the AI ​​Assessment platform is streamlining the workflow of HR professionals.

Think Exam: All in one solution for assessing the candidate’s performance

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Think Exam Assessment Software is a new-age solution for recruitment and selection. It provides a detailed analysis of the applicant’s personality and knowledge. HR professionals can customize the assessment for the varied job role and digitize the entire recruitment process. Think Exam offers assessments such as Scientifically Designed Assessment, Psychometric Assessment, Cognitive Assessment, Job Specific Assessment, Sales Profiler, and Coding Test. This AI-based assessment platform can evaluate the candidate’s behavior and maintain the systematic process. It is a one-stop solution for all your hiring needs.



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