UPSC topper Shubham Kumar says ambition and ability must match to be successful

UPSC topper Shubham Kumar says ambition and ability must match to be successful

Shubham Kumar (24), a local boy from Kumhari village in Katihar district of Katihar district in Bihar, has topped the most prestigious exam of UPSC, 2020. He has the resolve to solve all the issues which are related to the people. He believes that every public servant should be a ‘people connect’ as he is expected to serve the people at the grassroots level.

Kumar who entered UPSC after doing civil engineering from IIT Bombay, candidly admitted that his studies at IIT played an important role in shaping his personality. Here are excerpts from the conversation with Shubham Kumar:

When did you first think about UPSC?

When I was a kid living in my village, I saw that people are facing a lot of problems and at the same time I decided to become an IAS officer so that I can ease their sufferings at least to some extent. And I am really happy that my childhood dream has been turned into reality and I have got a chance to serve them.

What are the problems that need to be addressed, especially in rural areas?

Every rural area has its own problems. For example Katihar is badly affected by floods and I will focus on easing the suffering of the people by doing something to prevent the recurring floods. Wherever I am posted, I will try to take up ‘People Connect’ issues like education, health services etc. People’s participation is essential in solving every problem and I will never miss to implement their suggestions and feedback. Schemes while discharging his duty as a public servant.

What do you think about education in Bihar?

The government is doing better but it needs to do much better both in quality education and infrastructure development. Education plays an extremely important role in our society and hence you cannot take it lightly. It has the power to fight against every odd situation that comes our way. This is my first visit to my native village after my success in UPSC and to be honest I love interacting with school children and that’s why I go to schools.

During the conversation with the school children, did the children ask you any question?

Yes, I saw them very enthusiastic and they all want to do big things. One of the younger kids asked me if he wanted to be an IAS officer, and his question took me back to my school days as I had to think the same way. But children should focus on their studies in school.

It is seen that students get distracted while choosing their career, what do you want to say to those students?

Life is full of distractions and everyone has to face them. By analyzing the situation, distractions can be kept away. The power of self-evaluation and self-analysis can bring the student out of such distractions.

Share your UPSC cracking strategy with those who want to make a career in it

Self analysis is at the core of every strategy you plan in your life. To fulfill your ambition and your potential must match.

I started UPSC preparation from IIT Bombay but it gained momentum in 2018 and I cleared UPSC in 2019 and joined Defense Accounts Service. IIT Bombay made me think objectively which helped me a lot. But I kept on preparing and finally I got success. But I didn’t really expect it; It finally came to me in 2020.

What were the questions in your interview?

The questions ranged from rural background to civil engineering and then from Defense Accounts Service, in which I got selected in 2019. I answered them without hesitation. UPSC or any competitive exam expects you to be direct, objective and simple.

You are lucky to have the support of your parents

Yes, whatever I am today, I should give credit to my parents. He never let me down and stood by me all the time. I appeal to all the parents to have faith in their children and children should also not do anything to defame their parents. Mutual trust should lead to success.



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