Work From Home: Saving on commute, health and safety and more family time top reasons why employees choose WFH: Survey

Work From Home: Saving on commute, health and safety and more family time top reasons why employees choose WFH: Survey

Employees now prefer attending office as 62% of employee surveyed said they prefer going to office while 28% like to work in a hybrid model (combination of WFH and office) and only 10% preferred permanent work from homeaccording to a survey by flex space provider The Office Pass (TOP).

For employees, main advantages of work from home is saving on commute to office (42%), better health and safety (39%) and more time for children and family (10%).

Companies are planning to hire more employees in the next 12 months compared to the preceding 12 months. Percentage of companies wanting to hire between 25-50 employees have grown from 8% to 25% while for companies wanting to hire more than 50 employees have grown from 6 to 8%. Companies wanting to hire only 10 employees have reduced from 60% to 45%.

“Our research shows that businesses that haven’t already considered the financial and strategic benefits of flexible workspace need to do so now. Otherwise, they face being seen as out of touch, both with their competitors and with the demands of the modern workforce on what constitutes a great day at work, which means losing out on the best talent,” said Nikhil Madan, Cofounder, The Office Pass (TOP).

The Office Pass (TOP), conducted the second edition of its survey titled “Workplace sentiment post covid” in March-April 2022. The survey saw participation from employers and employees of 173 small and mid-sized companies. Companies surveyed are in the field of IT, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Customer Services and HR.

The survey, conducted among companies and their employees, brings to the forefront various challenges and opportunities employees have faced with this new mode of operation. Additionally, the survey focuses on employees’ willingness to work remotely from their homes as well as infrastructural requirements to aid them to operate effectively, among others. 73% were male and 27% female.

As per the survey findings, post the covid pandemic pandemicmany more businesses have realized the economic, social and health benefits of implementing a hybrid working models compared to the pre-covid period.

Tie up with coworking operator to enable employees to work from near their home was the preferred option among 48% of employers. This was followed by 19% who wanted to work out of a traditional office.

Around 13% employers preferred calling their employees to office 2-3 days in a week on rotational basis. It is interesting to know that in the earlier survey conducted post covid first wave, only 29% of employers had preferred a tie-up with the Coworking operators.

38% of commute time would choose a coworking spaces as it helps in saving of commute time to work. The second biggest reason for preferring a coworking space was saving in office operations costhighlighted by 27%. Two smaller reasons were, networking opportunities (24%) and exhaustion of work from home (12%).



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