Xolo launches initiative for internship seekers

Xolo launches initiative for internship seekers

Co-living and student accommodation brand Xolo has launched ‘MyFirstXP’, a program for individuals looking for internships or jobs.
The idea stems from the Xolo community where the leadership team and residents helped people who lost their jobs during the pandemic find another. The new initiative aims to disrupt the underlying problem of what people learn and what employers expect from them through various programs. while recruiting.

“The pandemic has driven us to create a platform that can bring a solution that bridges the last mile for students and working professionals to find the right jobs. Due to the low relevance and relevance of the job, a large number of people fail to get the job of their dreams. Others who want to change streams find it even more difficult. With MyFirstXP, we are hopeful that the people-first experience will be a win-win situation for job aspirants and employers who hire them through our platform,” said Nikhil Sikri, CEO and Co-Founder, Xolo .

“To ensure the best results, MyFirstXP has developed a state-of-the-art platform backed by machine learning technology that enables screening, curriculum dissemination and interviews till placement. The platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning models to scale operations and achieve efficiencies in cost and time. And for users, it provides a seamless experience across touchpoints,” said Amit Dixit, CTO, Xolo.
Vertical offers two programs: a curated program for students seeking internships, with a 360-degree approach starting with a self-assessment, all the way to prepare for the final interview, and a program for students seeking a job. Designed to enhance the skills of professionals. Switch, and people are looking for their first jobs.

The experience will take each candidate through an exploration session of their strengths and weaknesses, the course plan which develops a 360-degree development program based on the mentor’s assessment, training sessions where they receive one-on-one counseling sessions, launchpad which Prepares them for real-world interviews, professional resumes, video profiles and last-mile preparation for interviews.

MyFirstXP already has over 5000+ jobs from 600+ corporates and is screening more than 2,000 candidates every day.



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